Gay Group Cruises. What they are all about.
October 11th, 2017 11:42 pm

The concept behind Gay Group Cruises is to provide LGBT travelers with the company and comfort of other LGBT travelers from throughout North America and the world. These Group Cruises are not all-gay charters like RSVP or Atlantis, etc., which do not always fit into the lifestyle, itinerary or schedule of many gay travelers. The gay group cruises we offer include a variety of itineraries aboard a variety of ships with a variety of accommodations, offering fine service on the major cruise lines. Focus is on VARIETY.  We are a varied community and we deserve a variety of options.

Your gay group cruise vacation can offer all the luxuries of a cruise, with these added amenities:

Special functions: Depending on the cruise and size of the group, enjoy a variety of exclusive events with your fellow gay vacationers such as, private happy hour bar, private games, your own special gay host...
Exclusive welcome aboard cocktail party. Meet and enjoy the company of your fellow gay travelers on the first evening of your cruise. (minimum participation required)
Pre-arranged group dining: We arrange for you to dine in the company of the group.
Hope to see you on a gay group cruise someday soon! 
Tom 714-321-0700

Tom, on a recent gay group cruise...

Atlantis vs. RSVP All Gay Cruises
July 12th, 2017 10:29 pm
Having been on lots and lots of both RSVP and Atlantis cruises, there really are some big differences.  This is a quick reference guide when thinking about which you choose.  As always, each cruise has a different personality, and they vary by degree, but, here's what I've found are the most common differences:

1. Party time
    Atlantis tends to go later, often to 4am, (and then for those who haven't danced enough, with an after hours club).
    RSVP only goes to about 2am.  

2. Party types
    Atlantis tends to have more of the "Circuit Party" types, muscle men, twinks.  Average age is actually mid 40's. Caribbean and
    Mexico cruises skew a little younger, Europe, Asia, Australia, So. America tend to skew a little older.
    RSVP tends to have more bears, daddies, mature men. Average age is mid-50's.
    Of course, there are always a wide range of ages and types on board and, generally speaking, most everyone is friendly.

3. Party themes
    RSVP always has their big costume party toward the end of the cruise, and Atlantis always has their big White Party.
    Atlantis always does a Disco T-dance, Military welcome party and then other themes vary.  RSVP always has a "where you      
    from" welcome party, leather party and then other various themes.  Again, the Atlantis parties are higher energy than the RSVP
    parties. On either one, though, the music is always great, with top name D.J.'s, lights, and always some fun surprises.

4. Singles vs. couples
    Both RSVP and Atlantis have about an equal amount of singles and couples.  They make every effort for singles to meet other 
    singles, with fun dinners, pre-dinner cocktail gatherings, etc.  Couples experience a freedom not found in the real world.      
    Walking around holding hands, stealing a kiss, checking out hot guys, and enjoying life, free from hostility from the rest of the
    world is a wonderful experience. 
5. Women are always welcome on RSVP and Atlantis.  They both have very few women, with RSVP maybe having a little more.
     You won't usually find more than 5% of women on either.

Other than these differences, the biggest difference will be the ship, destination and itinerary.  These, of course, vary greatly with RSVP doing Alaska every two or three years, Atlantis doing Australia/New Zealand, Asia, South America every two or three years.   They both always have one or two Caribbean cruises and Atlantis does big ships to Europe in the summer while RSVP usually does a few Small Ship River Cruises.  

As always, with any vacation, it's all what you make it.  Atlantis and RSVP do all they can to make sure you have a great trip and I will do everything I can to make your journey before the vacation as hassle free as possible.
I hope when you book your all gay cruise you'll book with me.
Tom Stephens
See the entire RSVP and Atlantis Gay Cruise Calendar here


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It's Crystal Clear
May 31st, 2017 4:26 am
After more than 100 cruises and counting, I've finally sailed on Crystal Cruises. I had the pleasure of sailing on the Crystal Serenity in May and it is WORTH IT. I've sailed on Celebrity, Disney, Cunard, Holland America, Royal Caribbean, Princess, Norwegian, Carnival, Windjammer, and Amadeus and they all pale in comparison. No better service. No better cuisine. No better inclusions. INCLUDEDS: All meals, including 2 nights in their specialty restaurants, all drinks, fine wine, champagne, top shelf, martinis, soda, coffees, afternoon teas. Room service. TIPS INCLUDED! Booking with our agency usually gets you a few hundred dollars in on board credits. I got a massage and it was one of the best ever on a cruise.  They call it "All Exclusive".  
The only draw backs, I'd say, is that the shops are VERY expensive and there's not even a sundry shop, which I found odd. Of course, if you need anything, they have it on board and would probably give it to you.

Highlights: Amadeus Afternoon High Tea, with special music and delicious delights.  
Spa: Quiet. Included. Dry sauna and steam room, separate from women's side.  Almost nobody ever in there.  
Great entertainment: One of the original members of The 5th Dimension was our special guest entertainer.  
FOOD:  ALL OF IT. Most Amazing meals in Prego and Nobu's Silk Road and the dining room meals were best ever. And even their buffets were perfect.  
Staff: Best staff. Attentive, friendly, courteous.  

Honestly, I cannot wait to go on another Crystal Cruise!  Who wants to join me!?
Tom Stephens
Cruising With Pride
Most Wonderful Time of the Year
November 29th, 2016 1:52 am
Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Happy Hannukah and Blessed Festivus!

​I love this time of year! People are shopping and feasting and partying and praising Jesus and looking forward to Santa and giving gifts to each other to show how much they care for each other. I love, especially, and am thankful daily, for being born and raised in Southern California. I stay home for the winter. It's in the mid-60's, which is cold to me, but, not to most folks in America and the world. 
​So, if you're in a colder climate and want to thaw out a little, be sure to contact me. I can help you with cruises, tours, packages, hotels.  And when you book these things there is NEVER A FEE. 
​Hope you enjoy your holidays, at home or away, knowing that you are loved.
​Tom Stephens
Cruising With Pride
​Always thankful for Santa's little helpers
Health Tips for Life & Travel
July 30th, 2016 5:28 pm
As most of you know, I've lost about 60lbs over the past year or so.  I hope to give you some good health travel tips. Don't we all seem to gain 10lbs on every trip we take?  Why? "Because we're on vacation"!   That's the best excuse ever to go for it with food. Especially at the buffets, the 4 star dining, and with all the drinking.  Face it, we ALL go overboard when we travel (no pun intended).  Here are my tips for keeping the weight down while you're away from home.

1. Don't consider yourself on a diet break.  If you watch your weight at home, watch it when you travel.  Sure, splurge here and there, but, don't make it every meal and every day. You probably worked hard to lose weight FOR your trip, why ruin all the advances you made.  Pick the best things and taste at things, too. Don't feel like you have to eat everything.  There's going to be more tomorrow.
2. Choose cheese as a dessert. If you have a high sugar and calorie dessert at every meal on a cruise you will gain 10lbs. Sugar is the devil. If you must eat it, be selective and don't do it every day. Skip sweets for a day. Cheese is high in protein, natural and goes great with nuts and fruit. You can skip the crackers which just fill you up with empty carbs. 
3. Eat lower carb foods.  You can eat more if you don't eat heavy carbs like pasta, bread and rice. Meat, cheese, fruit, veggies, beans, nuts, etc. You can fill up on these and not feel as stuffed when paired with the breads and pastas.  
4. Take a walk. Sometimes on a cruise or tour all we do is lay around or ride around.  Be sure, if you're not on a walking tour doing this, then you get to the gym or to the track and spend an hour on a brisk walk. You can listen to  music, or like I do, pray and meditate. It's good for the body and GREAT for the soul.  If you can't walk, swim. If you can't swim, do the elliptical. If you pysically can do something, just do SOMETHING. 
5. Don't drink all day.  Alcohol is empty calories. The fruity, sweet blended drinks are the worst and just full of badness in a delicious glass of joy.   Better choices: Bloody Mary. Vodka and soda. Light beers. Wine.  If you like rum and coke, make it diet coke. If you like gin and tonic, make it gin and soda.  Sometimes being at sea, especially at the start of a cruise, can exaggerate the effects of alcohol, so, on the 1st night of a cruise, especially, be careful not to drink too much. Clear alcohol and soda water is the best. I get a splash of cranberry which adds just enough flavor without a lot of the sugars you get from fruit juices. Vodka, soda and a splash for flavor is the best. 

These are all things that I've done to help me get in the best shape of my life.  I try to be as diligent as possible, but, of course, sometimes we just have to let go. Especially when we travel. Just remember to take care of yourself while you're home or away. Don't go crazy and keep healthy habits no matter where you are.
And, most important advice you can ever get: Always use sunscreen.

Tom Stephens
Why you should book your RSVP and ATLANTIS EVENTS all gay cruise with Cruising With Pride
April 28th, 2016 11:00 pm
Well, there are many good reasons you should use CWP for all your travel needs, but, here's specifically why you should use us for your next ATLANTIS EVENTS AND RSVP Cruise....

1.  Pay it forward.  The most important reason to use CWP is to keep me in business.  Cruising With Pride, as I'm sure you are aware, is just me, Tom Stephens, your gay travel specialist.  As a small business owner I need your support to survive.  So, instead of filling the RICH pockets of the owners at Atlantis Events, book your cruise with me.  It costs the same, but, the small commission they give keeps me in the lifestyle to which I've grown accustomed.

2. Again, IT COSTS THE SAME!  Heck, sometimes you can actually save money because one of my clients with a less expensive cabin needs to sell it and then you can buy it from me. I work hard to get you the lowest prices and the best deals out there.  

3. Experience. I've been on over 100 cruises.  About 25 all gay cruises. I know cruising.  I can help you choose the best location for your money. I can answer all your questions about cruising. I will take the time.  Which brings me to the next point...

4. Special personalized service. You aren't talking to an order taker, you're talking to a friend.  I've traveled with many of my clients, I call them friends and family.  I will take the time with you to make sure you're getting the best deal for your time and money. Plus, I can help you with hotels, air, insurance, etc.  

5. First to know. I'll let you know in advance when the new cruises are coming. I investigate and snoop around and get the scoop so you're the first to know and can set aside dates and plan ahead so that when it is on sale you'll be one step ahead.  Those frequent flyer seats sell out far in advance of Atlantis and RSVP announcements of events. The sooner you know the better. 

6. I'll wait on hold for you.  When RSVP and Atlantis announce their sales, they can have hold times of 10, 20, 30 minutes and more.  You call me, give me all your details on the phone or email or even texts (I can't believe it, but, I have made reservations via text now).  Then I call them and wait for you while you're off doing your thing.  Simple as that. 

7.  "THANK YOU".  I truly do appreciate my clients and hope they will continue to tell their friends about me here. It's the best "THANK YOU" that I could ever receive. 
Galapagos Islands
January 20th, 2016 3:33 pm
"Wow! What a great trip! 
And Wow! What a great group of men! 
And Wow! What a great tour company in Brand "g"!  Over the Top Wow!"- Jon Curtis,  MA
I couldn't say it any better than this. My trip with Brand "g" to the Galapagos was truly one of the best trips in my life.  It's amazing how the animals have no fear of humans. Birds stay still and sit within inches of you without flinching. Giant tortoises look into your eyes with their ancient faces that remind you of alien creatures, sea lions swim by you, lay around without budging when you almost walk on them, and are so curious they will come up to you and nip at your toes. Snorkeling with penguins, giant sea turtles and sharks, watching Blue Footed Boobies feed their chicks up close, beautiful iguanas who've adapted over the millenia to their environment;  there are no words to adequately describe it. You must experience it for yourself.  
November 30th, 2015 12:56 pm
Another year is almost through
I'm so thankful, dear, for you
For being here to share a smile
As we travel mile by mile
Whether by bus, or ship or plane
I'm so thankful once again
Because you're in my life
-Tom Stephens
Cruising With Pride