Best Atlantis Cruise Ever
January 29th, 2018 5:55 am     A+ | a-
Now, for the very very good news of the cruise...

Coming on board was wonderful. I walked about 5 miles from my hotel. I walk every day and it was easy with the rollers today.
The traffic was aweful, so, on foot was perfect.  Got my exercise out of the way and got there just as they were starting to let us on board. 
As soon as we got on, a few clients that I travel with a lot, went to the buffet lunch in the Windjammer. It's a great buffet.  Always a nice selection and always very clean. 
The restaurants on board are great. Great food in the main dining room. I tried Izumi, Central Park 150, and Wonderland.  Izumi has these lobster rolls that are amazing and we had some noodle soups and other sushis.  For three it was about $75. Well worth it for the experience. Central Park 150 is beautiful. Had some lovely food.  Most memorable though, was Wonderland. A magical dining experience. Well worth the $50 price tag. Here are some pictures to give you an idea, though, no picture can describe the tastes... 

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