Atlantis vs. RSVP All Gay Cruises
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Having been on lots and lots of both RSVP and Atlantis cruises, there really are some big differences.  This is a quick reference guide when thinking about which you choose.  As always, each cruise has a different personality, and they vary by degree, but, here's what I've found are the most common differences:

1. Party time
    Atlantis tends to go later, often to 4am, (and then for those who haven't danced enough, with an after hours club).
    RSVP only goes to about 2am.  

2. Party types
    Atlantis tends to have more of the "Circuit Party" types, muscle men, twinks.  Average age is actually mid 40's. Caribbean and
    Mexico cruises skew a little younger, Europe, Asia, Australia, So. America tend to skew a little older.
    RSVP tends to have more bears, daddies, mature men. Average age is mid-50's.
    Of course, there are always a wide range of ages and types on board and, generally speaking, most everyone is friendly.

3. Party themes
    RSVP always has their big costume party toward the end of the cruise, and Atlantis always has their big White Party.
    Atlantis always does a Disco T-dance, Military welcome party and then other themes vary.  RSVP always has a "where you      
    from" welcome party, leather party and then other various themes.  Again, the Atlantis parties are higher energy than the RSVP
    parties. On either one, though, the music is always great, with top name D.J.'s, lights, and always some fun surprises.

4. Singles vs. couples
    Both RSVP and Atlantis have about an equal amount of singles and couples.  They make every effort for singles to meet other 
    singles, with fun dinners, pre-dinner cocktail gatherings, etc.  Couples experience a freedom not found in the real world.      
    Walking around holding hands, stealing a kiss, checking out hot guys, and enjoying life, free from hostility from the rest of the
    world is a wonderful experience. 
5. Women are always welcome on RSVP and Atlantis.  They both have very few women, with RSVP maybe having a little more.
     You won't usually find more than 5% of women on either.

Other than these differences, the biggest difference will be the ship, destination and itinerary.  These, of course, vary greatly with RSVP doing Alaska every two or three years, Atlantis doing Australia/New Zealand, Asia, South America every two or three years.   They both always have one or two Caribbean cruises and Atlantis does big ships to Europe in the summer while RSVP usually does a few Small Ship River Cruises.  

As always, with any vacation, it's all what you make it.  Atlantis and RSVP do all they can to make sure you have a great trip and I will do everything I can to make your journey before the vacation as hassle free as possible.
I hope when you book your all gay cruise you'll book with me.
Tom Stephens
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