Cruises Still Not Cruising...
June 22nd, 2020 2:04 am     A+ | a-
As of this day, June 21, there are 122,000 dead from COVID19.  There is no vaccine and cruises are still cancelled through the Summer and beyond.  I don't expect the Oct 31 cruise will sail. I don't know, but, can't imagine with the virus still not stopping that anyone will be ready to go on a cruise, which is like a petri dish for spreading germs.  I wouldn't be comfortable on another cruise until we have a vaccine or some viable treatment to protect us. 

Still, if YOU'RE comfortable booking a cruise still, give me a call. I have been booking the January Atlantis cruise and the February RSVP and Vacaya Vacations cruises. These cruises, imho, will probably be cancelled.  Again, I don't know, but, until we see a proper government response trying to stem this virus, it's just going to keep spreading. 

Either way, it's become a hobby for me now, not my career anymore. I'm now going into ministry full time. Check out my songs from my first album "You Promised Me a Rainbow; Songs for the LGBT Christian Community" Go to iTunes and buy my singles.  
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