Introducing Tommy Stahr
May 8th, 2020 6:04 pm     A+ | a-
As you know, there are no cruises going on right now, so, to make a living, I'm relying on YOU to help me out with a .99 cent song purchase. 
I really think you're going to enjoy my song.  


In this time of pandemic and national insecurity, it's a happy song to get your mind off of it all for a few minutes. 

Follow this link and let me know how you like the song.

Thank you!
Tommy Stahr (Tom Stephens, Cruising With Pride)

Music website 

Cruising With Pride will be there whenever cruises start sailing again. 
Still selling out Halloween Cruise and if you want to book any gay cruises we're still taking calls (though, honestly, we rarely get a call anymore, except to cancel or postpone). Check out my site for those cruises that are still on sale.
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