To Share or not to Share, that is the question...
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Atlantis, RSVP and other all gay and gay group cruise companies offer "Shares" for their single guests.  It's a great convenience to save people from having to pay the single supplement, which is generally 2x the cost (cabins are priced based on double occupancy.) 
But, like Forrest Gump says, "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get." I've heard horror stories and love stories, but, mostly, people just go, save money, meet a person who they either become friends with or not, and they go on to enjoy the cruise experience.  

The main thing is that you know what you're walking into.  As far as it depends on you, live at peace with whoever you're assigned to.  Be your friendly self, make arrangements for schedules and agreements on visitors and such. You CANNOT assume you can just bring someone back to your room at any time. It is rude and should not be done without express permission from your roommate.  Maybe they like to watch, but, more often, not. Communication right upfront is the key. Perhaps if they are a late night person and you're not, the person who is up latest take the bed closest to the door.

Here are a few more suggestions if you do a share:
1. Bring GOOD earplugs.  Being awake all night because your roommate shares is horrible. It's bad enough if you know the person, it's worse if it's someone you don't even know robbing you of precious sleep.  
2. Be ultra-considerate.  You don't have to become best friends, but, be friendly, be kind, try to make conversation, and above all, share your space. 
3. Don't be a slob.  Clean up after yourself and don't just throw everything around. It's not YOUR cabin. It's the both of yours, so, don't sprawl. 
4. Don't be noisy. If you want to play music or tv or whatever, ask your roommate if it's ok and respect their wishes. Maybe they're trying to have a quiet time and don't want music or tv on. Perhaps the most important time to be quiet is if you come in late, after your roommate is already in bed with the lights off.  Try not to turn the light on if you can help it, but, rather, turn the bathroom light on and use the light from there best you can and try not to wake your roommie.
5. Don't expect them to be your friend.  You are sharing to save money, not to make friends. Have no expectations and you won't be disappointed. They may be traveling with friends and don't want to share a second with you. That's ok, it's their cruise. If they want to talk they will, but, don't force it. They may not be attracted or interested in you. Don't take it personally. EVERYONE is BORING to most others.  Finding commonality takes time and not everyone has stuff in common. Just be the best YOU that you can be.
6. Don't ask for your own cabin once on board. They won't do it and it's not what you paid for. There are plenty of guys who are paying 2x the rate to have their own cabin.  If you didn't then don't expect it and don't ask for it.  
7. Whenever you are irritated, bugged, ignored, or hurt in any other way by your roommate, look into your wallet and remember that you are saving a LOT of money to put up with a little inconvenience.  This should make you feel better.

Join my Gay Single Travelers group on Facebook and find someone ahead of time that you maybe are compatible with.  And, be sure to sign up for you All Gay, Gay Group or just any travel you need.
Tom Stephens
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