No Fees on Cruises and Tours
April 17th, 2018 5:51 pm     A+ | a-
Did you know that travel agents make a living on commission? When you book your Atlantis, RSVP, or ANY gay or straight cruise (or tour) they give us a small commission for bringing you to them .  It NEVER COSTS YOU MORE to book with us than it does to book directly.  All the specials that the cruise lines send you we can use for you as well. 
Not only does it cost you the same, but, by using me to help you are spreading around the wealth.  Without me, the cruise company gets richer and richer. With me, The cruise company still gets richer and richer, but, I get to eat and buy clothes.
PLUS, when you book with me you get my great service.
PLUS, when you book with me you get the access to hotels, insurance, etc. One stop shop!
PLUS, when you book with me you get 25 years of experience with me personally
PLUS, literally thousands of years experience with TravelEdge our parent agency.
PLUS, I can help you find the best deals available and get you booked as soon as possible.
PLUS, when you book with me I always try and send a little gift as a "thank you".  

You should have a choice in who you book your travels through. Unfortunately, when you book directly with Atlantis or RSVP you cannot use a travel agent anymore (must stop with them for three years to again be able to use an agent). I don't like the policy, but, can't do anything about it but advise you of their policy.  If you want control of your holidays, book with me! 

In this world it can be hard to make a living. I'm very thankful I've been able to enjoy my work and been able to live comfortably.  I always tell people that as a travel agent I'll never get rich, but, there are a lot more important things than money. Loving what I do is worth much more than wealth.

I hope you will think of me when you're ready to take another vacation and keep me from starving. Ha ha. Thanks, again, for 25 years of allowing me the joy of helping you with your travels.
Tom Stephens
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