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As most of you know, I've lost about 60lbs over the past year or so.  I hope to give you some good health travel tips. Don't we all seem to gain 10lbs on every trip we take?  Why? "Because we're on vacation"!   That's the best excuse ever to go for it with food. Especially at the buffets, the 4 star dining, and with all the drinking.  Face it, we ALL go overboard when we travel (no pun intended).  Here are my tips for keeping the weight down while you're away from home.

1. Don't consider yourself on a diet break.  If you watch your weight at home, watch it when you travel.  Sure, splurge here and there, but, don't make it every meal and every day. You probably worked hard to lose weight FOR your trip, why ruin all the advances you made.  Pick the best things and taste at things, too. Don't feel like you have to eat everything.  There's going to be more tomorrow.
2. Choose cheese as a dessert. If you have a high sugar and calorie dessert at every meal on a cruise you will gain 10lbs. Sugar is the devil. If you must eat it, be selective and don't do it every day. Skip sweets for a day. Cheese is high in protein, natural and goes great with nuts and fruit. You can skip the crackers which just fill you up with empty carbs. 
3. Eat lower carb foods.  You can eat more if you don't eat heavy carbs like pasta, bread and rice. Meat, cheese, fruit, veggies, beans, nuts, etc. You can fill up on these and not feel as stuffed when paired with the breads and pastas.  
4. Take a walk. Sometimes on a cruise or tour all we do is lay around or ride around.  Be sure, if you're not on a walking tour doing this, then you get to the gym or to the track and spend an hour on a brisk walk. You can listen to  music, or like I do, pray and meditate. It's good for the body and GREAT for the soul.  If you can't walk, swim. If you can't swim, do the elliptical. If you pysically can do something, just do SOMETHING. 
5. Don't drink all day.  Alcohol is empty calories. The fruity, sweet blended drinks are the worst and just full of badness in a delicious glass of joy.   Better choices: Bloody Mary. Vodka and soda. Light beers. Wine.  If you like rum and coke, make it diet coke. If you like gin and tonic, make it gin and soda.  Sometimes being at sea, especially at the start of a cruise, can exaggerate the effects of alcohol, so, on the 1st night of a cruise, especially, be careful not to drink too much. Clear alcohol and soda water is the best. I get a splash of cranberry which adds just enough flavor without a lot of the sugars you get from fruit juices. Vodka, soda and a splash for flavor is the best. 

These are all things that I've done to help me get in the best shape of my life.  I try to be as diligent as possible, but, of course, sometimes we just have to let go. Especially when we travel. Just remember to take care of yourself while you're home or away. Don't go crazy and keep healthy habits no matter where you are.
And, most important advice you can ever get: Always use sunscreen.

Tom Stephens
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