To Friend or not to Friend?
August 10th, 2015 6:33 pm     A+ | a-
I've been told that some people on my Facebook page are put off by my political and Christian posts and that I will lose clients because of it. I hope I can share on my FB page what I want without people deciding not to use me in a professional way at Cruising With Pride. IF you don't like my politics or my religion you can just un-friend me rather than cause it to make you so mad you take it personally and decide not to do business with me. I am a PROUD gay man, a PROUD Christian and a PROUD Democrat. That doesn't mean I don't have straight, atheist, Jewish, etc, friends. and Republican or Libertarian friends and can agree to disagree on things. I've added a LOT of clients to my FB page. A LOT of my clients I consider friends, or, at least acquaintances who I like to see there, or, they friend me, and, why would I refuse someone, but, if it means losing clients perhaps I shouldn't add them. There are some of the responses I got from my Facebook friends:
Democrat---Republican---Independent--non-voters----we are a democracy---we all have our own beliefs. Christian or Not, gay, bi-sexual or straight, None of these has anything to do with choosing a TRAVEL AGENT. Some folks just need to get over it and stop trying to change other folks. And that's all I have to say about that."-Herald
"Tom. You are very professional when you have to be and playful when you have to be. I like that about you. I always take the high road and would do so in this situation. As a Christian you can forgive. Use kindness to move on."-Tony
" It too bad you even have to post something think this. Everyone should have the right to speak their mind, love who they want, Vote they way they want. and and pray to what ever God you believe in. Diversity is what makes this Country The Greatest and keeps us all in Check. Who wants to be just like everyone else. What a boring World this would be. Keep up your posts. 
the rest can piss off.  Cheers!" -James
"Tom, you can set up a "Fan Page" for your business. This will help you manage your friends and "Facebook Friends" from your clients. You can add business content to your Fan Page and personal content to your personal page. The you can truly separate clients from friends. That's what I would do."-George
"I consider this a social site. I don't include my business acquaintances as friends. I don't discuss politics or religion at work. The two should remain separate."-John

"You continue to be you! Post whatever you want because that makes you who you are. I am proud to know you and would never be upset over opinions or life choices you post about."-Chad
"You can't always mix business with pleasure..."-Shannon

So, I'll probably be more discerning who I add to my Facebook page and hopefully we can all be adults and agree to disagree on things.  That's what makes the world more interesting, right?  Even when you're all wrong and I'm right :-)

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