Travel to Anti-Gay Countries
July 28th, 2015 3:45 am     A+ | a-
What do you think about traveling to a country where you could actually be killed for who you are? Coda Tours is offering a tour to IRAN. No joke! A gay tour to IRAN! Would you go?…/destinatio…/africa-middle-east/iran/

Besides this trip, there are gay cruise and tour companies who visit Russia, Kenya, Jamaica, etc.  I have traveled to countries where it's illegal to be gay. I was turned away from Morocco on a gay cruise the day before we were to arrive because the government couldn't guarantee our safety.  I went to St. Petersburgh before Russia went dark against us and am so sad that I don't know if I should send my people there for their own safety. These are the things we have to consider as individuals and, especially, as a travel agent who seeks to make his clients trips the safest and most wonderful possible.
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