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I often ask my clients how their trips went.  Mostly it's all good, but, sometimes it's glowing.  
For example, regarding the recent trip from Madrid to Lisbon,  a few responses from my clients...

"Yes, we had a great time and we are now wearing the chocolates that you sent!  Gay Pride in Madrid is amazing and the Brand-g people are wonderful.  The river cruise was excellent, combining beautiful landscapes, interesting ports, good food and wonderful service.  The entertainment provided by Brand-g added that extra icing on the cake.  There were a few unpredictable glitches during the trip but the Brand-g guys, owners Jeff and Brian, did well at resolving them and making sure that everyone was happy.  We would like to emphasize that Jeff and Brian worked very hard during that trip to make sure that everyone felt included and cared for; We would say that this is something that really differentiates their company from others.  Also, we were happy to hear that they work with groups of this size on all of their vacation offerings, and so we would definitely consider Brand-g when looking for our next adventure abroad."  Dave and Bill-Palm Springs


"Had a fantastic time.  The boat and brand g did a great job!  Yes the chocolates were wonderful. You are such a sweet guy. This is a great trip and I would highly recommend using brand g to your customers." Dennis N.-Austin

"Thanks for the fine chocolates. Brand "g" is incredible ! The best trip we have ever taken! I now have a big crush on Jeff and a bigger one on Brian and the biggest on Troy -will have to travel with them again! Can not tell you how great a team Brand "g" is. Thanks again for the chocolates" -Jay W.-Austin

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