All Gay Tahiti Cruise
June 12th, 2015 1:08 am

Sept 16-23, 2016

Imagine sailing the magical islands of Tahiti on your own private tall ship. This ALL GAY cruise invites you to make this dream a reality. What could be more magical than sailing with friends in the legendary islands of Tahiti? How about this?! We've timed this cruise to coincide with a Full Moon with the backdrop of the beautiful islands of French Polynesia. You'll sail round-trip from Papeete to Moorea, Taha'a, Raiatea, Bora Bora and Huahine. Whether meandering through lush rain forests, witnessing striking volcanic peaks, enjoying lunch on a private atoll, or having a massage in an over-water cabana, you'll be enjoying everything Tahiti has to offer. A graceful tall sailing ship is the picture perfect way to experience Tahiti. We'll let the trade winds fill our sails as we visit one legendary island after another, staying overnight in most to give you time to search for secluded waterfalls, snorkeling vibrant reefs, or simply watching the passing scenery from your favorite spot on the deck. Check out this beautiful ship here.
Prices from $3299 per person, plus taxes and tips of $424 each.
For full details or to make a reservation email

RSVP Alaska Cruise shore excursion suggestions
June 8th, 2015 7:51 pm

Just gave this advice to one of my clients going on an upcoming cruise to Alaska. I've been there seven times, so, been on a few tours.  Hope this can help! 

When talking about shore excursions a lot really depends on what you personally like to do.  I did a bike ride to a brewery and to see the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau and I loved it so much I did it another time. Juneau is all about helicopter tours, dog sledding, glacier hikes, etc.  You should sign up to see the Mendenhall glacier and as a back up, if you want to spend that much money, book a helicopter tour.  They often get cancelled due to the weather, so, don't be too disappointed if it happens.
 I've booked five of them and have actually 
been on only ONE.  In Ketchikan the tour I loved best was to Misty Fjords on a float plane to a bear watching tour and Salmon hatchery.  So very cool. Also, you have to see the Lumberjack show. It's so much fun and the guys are so sexy! 

Sitka is pretty quiet.  I don't really know it, but, maybe whale watching there.  

You can watch whales from the ship, but, they're not guaranteed and are often just a fleck miles and miles away.  Best to do a specific whale watching tour that will get you close up to them. It's amazing to see whales close up.  Same with bald eagles, bears, etc.

The last stop, Victoria, is home to the amazing Butchart Gardens. If you could get a tour there while it's still light out that would be nice. They have night tours, but, you miss so much when it's not lit up by the sun. They have a nice downtown area and the Empress Hotel is worth a look, and, if they have afternoon tea it's quite a gay time.

Who Goes On All Gay Cruises?
May 29th, 2015 8:26 pm
SEX SELLS!  That's the saying and there's proof all over the world for it.  A lot of people ask me about gay cruises and they have trepidation because of the advertising.  There are always beautiful young people in the ads so a lot of people think that's all who go on this.  The truth is, for the all gay big ship cruises with Atlantis and RSVP the average age is the mid-40's and early 50's.  The Caribbean and Mexico cruises tend to be a younger crowd, while Alaska and Europe and Asia, etc., skew a bit older.  There are about equal amounts of couples and singles and in all shapes and sizes (though, there are ususally more bears on RSVP and more "Circuit Type" of guys on Atlantis).  One thing people always tell me after their first gay cruise is that they were surprised by the diversity of the people who come.  
I will add that women make up only about 5% of cruisers on RSVP and Atlantis.  Olivia Cruises is 100% women.  
The smaller all gay cruises, like River Cruises and Tall Ship sailing cruises tend to be a little older than the large ship cruise.  This is because they're much more expensive and there aren't the big dance parties that you get on the bigger ships. The clientele are more mature and intersted in touring and enjoying a more intimate experience.  These are more couples than singles, too, with about 60-70% couples.  Still lots of singles, always.  
So, the bottom line here is that you shouldn't hesitate to take an all gay cruise because you're too old or don't look like the guys in the ad. Don't let 10% of the population stop you from being YOU, uniquely and wonderfully.  We're all different but we're all the same so contact Cruising With Pride today! 
All Gay Cruising
May 27th, 2015 3:46 pm

All Gay cruises are just what they sound like. Companies charter the entire ship for a week or more, and they sell them as an exclusively gay event. 

For large ocean liners, some with over 3000 gays and lesbians, you'll want RSVP or Atlantis.
RSVP and Atlantis are huge companies, bringing on their own top DJ's, sound and light equipment, special hosts and special entertainers. Deborah Harry, Rupaul, Patti Lupone, Roseanne, Deborah Cox, Bob Smith, Deborah Gibson and Kathie Griffen are just a few of the past entertainers they've had onboard.
RSVP and Atlantis host a number of special events through the week. Tropical tea dances, disco dances, leather night, country, toga and an assortment of others dances almost daily through the cruise.
Don't be fooled by the advertising, not all the men on these cruises are gorgeous model types. There are those, but, like in the real world, they make up between 10-20% of the population. Most people that travel on these cruises are average guys like you and me, about 50% singles and 50% couples.  Seeing gays from all over the world and from all walks of life mingling and mixing and having a ball is like gay heaven.

It's not all about sex! Sure, it's there if you want it, but, it's not a floating bath house as some have made it out to be. I've been on gay cruises where I've had lots of sex, and I've been on gay cruises where I haven't had sex at all. It's whatever you make it.  You can go to bed early, get up early and enjoy one of the many shore excursions, enjoy the pools and the spas, work out in a state of the art gym, do aerobics, go shopping, see top talent in the showroom, play bingo, gamble in the casino, order room service and watch movies on the cable TV, or just do nothing!   

There are a few small differences between RSVP and Atlantis. Both have done away with cruise lines formal nights, though RSVP still has an optional formal night, Atlantis has done away with all formality.  More and more people love the informality, no packing tuxedos, no dressing up, just casual. Some people love dressing up, though, and, boy can some queens dress! Lots of sparkling tuxedos and some guys even get out their best evening gowns, making a really fun time of it, especially for the ships crew.  On RSVP, again, you can still have a dressy night, if you choose.

RSVP is famous for their Costume Contest. Big prizes bring out the best in the community with amazing creativity.  Atlantis’ big event is their all night White Party. Both have dance parties daily, along with special lounge acts, comedians, and other entertainment throught the cruise, geared specially for the gay community.
Average age on Atlantis cruises is about 40-45 years old, while RSVP skews just a little older. Of course, you get some guys in their early twenties and some in their 80's. It's a great mix and a wonderful way to make new friends, experience new places, and feel like the world is yours.

There are also a number of companies who have smaller all gay cruises available, some on river barges, some on larger sailing vessels, Destinations such as Prague, Budapest, India, Costa Rica, Italy, The Dalmatian Coast, The Galapagos Islands and more are all scheduled for 2015/2016 (all are listed on our ALL GAY CRUISES page).  It's a much more casual way of traveling than the big ships, but no less enjoyable. With cruises holding just a few hundred people at the most, they're a more intimate time and at a slower pace than the larger ships, but still with the added bonus of being in our own world for a short time.  Also, on these small ship cruises you can really get into the ports visited and get up close and personal with the culture and people you visit.  There are lots of places that the big ship cruises can't get to and these smaller cruises can take you there.  Also, they often include shore tours, alcohol, and other items that you have to pay extra for on a big ship. They are more expensive, but, the value is amazing. Being more expensive, they're also a little older crowd, on average. Of course, everyone is welcome, but, if you're a big party boy, probably not your scene. Brand "g" and Source Events are the best for small ship all gay cruises.  

For all gay cruises it's usually best to reserve way in advance to be sure to get the best prices and locations and just to get on board. Waiting until the last minute, as gays often do, doesn't always work because these cruises often sell out months in advance.  

To me, the best part of going "all gay" when it comes to cruising is you don't have to worry about the world around you. You can hold hands with your partner without the looks from the outside, you can flirt with a guy and not worry if he's straight or not, you can let your hair down, dance, skip, and play in our world, our way.  

Would you share a cabin with a stranger?
May 24th, 2015 8:28 pm
As a travel agent, one of the best things is that we get to travel a lot.  Sometimes our friends or family can't go with us so, as a travel agent I get lots of single travelers who want to share costs, so, I've shared a number of times through the years with clients from different places. It's better than sharing with a complete stranger, but, oftentimes it's really the same. 
I once shared an all gay Caribbean cruise with an older gentleman client of mine. I'd never met him in person, but, he seemed like a nice enough guy and it would save me money (no, we don't always get to go for free).  So, I meet the guy in person on the ship and he's really old (late 70's) and in pretty bad health.  He couldn't get around too much (he was a BIG man), and, had a colostomy bag, and was kind of a mess.  Still, he was a perfect gentleman and very nice.  We had dinner a few times, and, basically did our own things, he preferring the lounge acts, while, I was more of a get out and dance party guy.  
Anyway, it was fine and, though it would have been nice to have a cute, fun, exciting guy to share a room with, the guy I shared with provided the thing that was promised with a share: I saved 1/2 price.  
A few months later I got a call from a guy who was a friend of the old man I shared the cabin with.  He called to let me know that my client had passed away.  He wanted me to know that he talked about that cruise all the time and that it was one of the best times of his life.  So, sharing with a stranger may mean little more than saving money for you, but, sometimes it's a final wonderful moment for someone else.
Best Value for your gay dollar
May 24th, 2015 2:44 am
In my opinion, the best value for a fun, all gay vacation, is one of Atlantis Events Puerto Vallarta or Cancun All-Inclusive resort weeks.  For about $1500 per person, plus air to one of the two most accessible cities in Mexico, you can enjoy a fun, and relaxing all gay event.  All your meals, all your drinks, non-motorized water sports, pools, afternoon T-dances, evening themed dances, and lots more entertainment ALL INCLUDED!  Taxes? Included.  Transfers?  Extra.. but only $25-42 each.  They're on sale now for Nov 2015 and May 2016 so check them out on my "All Gay Cruises" tab.  
May 21st, 2015 10:08 pm
Brand "g" has been taking the gay world by cruise for a few years now and the reviews are in: “We had a wonderful trip and will be looking at Brand "g" first and foremost.  Well organized and truly good value for everything done.”-Doug Pew (Cruising With Pride long time client).
Besides these words there are tons of others who've told me about the same. Great guys, well organized, great value for the money and always a quality product.  Check out my "All Gay Cruises" tab above to see their offerings on our Cruise Calendar.
My favorite vacation-South Africa
May 19th, 2015 3:33 pm
I took a trip to South Africa in 2000.  It remains one of the best trips I've ever taken.  It's really far, so, not an easy place to visit, but, once there, it's like you're in a different world.  In Johannesburg we visited Soweto, where Nelson Mandela lived. It's basically a shanty town with over 4 million people.  Driving through the immense poverty and seeing the humble home where one of the greatest world leaders lived is inspiring. It reminds us that no matter where we're from we can make a difference in our world.
  (new friends in Capetown)

From there we took a short flight to go on a 3 night safari.  Our little camp was so lovely and rustic and we had a family of wart hogs that had little piglets that hung out at this little water hole.  We took daily safaris and saw elephants, giraffes, lions, water buffalo, rhinos, hippos and so much more.
It's amazing to turn the corner on the road and see a humongous elephant right there in the road.  Scary and exciting.  So beautiful and awe-inspiring.  After our safari we flew to Capetown and enjoyed another few days there during their 2nd Pride Festival.  Lots of gorgeous Africaans men.  Very friendly, very fun little clubs.  Also, we took a drive through the wine country and ate at a Game restaurant and had Kudu and other exotic meats you can't get anywhere but in Africa.  
They have penguins in Capetown, too. Who knew??  Such great memories. I look forward to going back to Africa some day.